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New Patient Education videos now in the office!

Oh, it feels so good to finally be able to announce this, as I’ve been working on it so hard for so many nights after my family has gone to bed, but FINALLY I have begun producing some new Patient Education videos to help explain a number of options that we offer by using pictures of many similar cases.

Over the last 4 years, I have amassed a catalog of about 38,000 digital photographs of the work that we do.  You can see my Photography Blog post on the subject of Patient Communication with Digital Photography for more info on how/why we take pictures of our work, but now I’m finally able to turn a lot of those photos into various video formats to highlight problems that many patients have, often without even realizing it, and to let our patients actually see what they can expect once the treatment is completed.  It’s really quite exciting!  We’re not talking about “stock” photography here, of work that someone else did.  EVERY SINGLE ONE of the pictures that you’ll see were taken by Dr. Payet (me), and every completed procedure was performed by Dr. Payet (me) and my Team.  (Hope you don’t mind me talking about myself in the 3rd person for a moment there; I was having a Bob Dole flashback after reading some political articles.  🙂

We’ll look forward to showing you these new videos when you come in!

Don’t have any of those videos in Web format quite yet, but keep an eye on our website, Smiles by Payet Dentistry, for them to begin appearing there within the next few weeks.  You’ll be able to see and understand so much more easily, I promise!


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Valentine’s Day Whitening Specials!!

Quick Announcement! Check out our website,, to see our new Whitening Specials for Valentine’s Day.  Don’t forget that special day is coming up, and you want to look your best.

$100 off our regular Custom Whitening Trays (Normally $350, now $250)


$250 off our amazing Deep Bleaching™ process! (Normally $1195, now $945)

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Deep Bleaching – simply amazing

One of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures in dentistry is Whitening, or Bleaching, of the teeth.  There are a lot of Over-the-Counter solutions available, and a few people actually have success with them, although most don’t.  Many are familiar with the Custom Whitening Trays that are fabricated by your dentist after molds of your teeth are taken, and this is generally a more successful remedy for stained teeth.

However, some patients are simply resistant to these common solutions and don’t bleach well.  Others simply want to achieve a DAZZLING white result, and they haven’t been able to do so with the conventional methods.  The most well-known in-office dental whitening lights, such as ZOOM!, BriteSmile, Rembrandt……they often give a nice result very quickly, but those results usually don’t last that long.  And there’s one other important fact to consider: ALL INDEPENDENT RESEARCH HAS DEFINITIVELY PROVEN THAT THE LASERS OR OTHER LIGHTS DO NOT WORK.  Sad to say, but it’s true.  All the lights do is heat up the gel, which dehydrates the teeth and makes them look brighter, but it doesn’t last.

But there IS a system that has been tested for many years, developed by a dentist in California, Dr. Rod Kurthy, called Deep Bleaching™.  It’s not just a product – it’s a PROCESS.  Yes, it’s more involved and there are more steps, but after having personally tried both the ZOOM! and BriteSmile systems in my office, I can absolutely say that I have NEVER seen teeth get as white as with Deep Bleaching™. No matter how dark, no matter how resistant……..within 2-4 weeks, virtually ANY teeth can be whitened to absolutely dazzling white.

Meet Steven.  He’s tried several different methods of bleaching before, but for whatever reason, his teeth never really whitened, or if they did, they didn’t stay white for long at all.  Because of that history, we knew it would take a bit longer.  It ultimately took 3 in-office appointments and about 4 weeks at home, but when we finished yesterday, his teeth were in the absolute brightest, whitest category of shades that we have!


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Smiles by Payet Dentistry – Welcome!

Welcome to the Dental Blog for Smiles by Payet Dentistry, the office of Dr. Charles Payet, where our goal is to provide Beautiful Smiles and Lifetime Care.  This blog will keep you up-to-date on happenings in our office, about our Team, new technologies that we’re adding, articles about how dental care (or the lack of it) impacts your daily life.  Here’s a little video to introduce you to me……

As of May 20th, Smiles by Payet Dentistry is moving to a brand-new dental office on Park Rd., just a couple miles and less than 10 minutes from our old office near the SouthPark Mall, in beautiful Charlotte, NC. We are very excited about the move, as we will have more rooms available, we’ll be hiring more great team members to care for you promptly and with great customer service.  Want to read what many of our current patients have to say about us?  Read our Google reviews!

We offer a unique combination of services that allow us to treat the entire family, from kids up to retirement and beyond:

LANAP: comfortable and truly effective treatment for gum disease with the Periolase

Dr. Payet now offers Six (6) Month Braces for amazing Smile Makeovers in Charlotte, NC.

Dental care for the whole family is affordable with the Quality Dental Plan.

Dental care for the whole family is affordable with the Quality Dental Plan.

To make an appointment, you can Request an Appointment Online or call us at 704-364-7069.

We’ll look forward to meeting you soon!

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