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We will soon welcome our newest Team Member, Samantha

I am very pleased to announce that we have just hired our newest Team Member, Samantha H., who will be joining us sometime in the next 2 weeks as our full-time Orthodontic Assistant. With the dramatic increase in patients getting 6MonthSmiles Clear Adult Braces, as well as the Comprehensive Orthodontics we now offer for teens,  now that we have the additional chairs to accommodate them in a more timely manner, it became important to have an assistant with real experience. Rosie and Marie have done well, but their real knowledge and expertise is in the areas of fillings, crowns, bridges, LANAP, and other aspects of general dentistry, and this will allow them to provide more dedicated assisting time with me, in order to make your appointments go more smoothly and quickly.

Some of you have already met Samantha when she came to us for a working interview, and you can surely attest (please feel free to comment here 🙂 ) to how pleasant and skilled she is, as pretty much all of you requested her back at your next appointment!  With 13 years of experience, she is fast AND easy-on-the-teeth.  We are sure that you will all love working with her.


June 6, 2010 Posted by | 6-Month Smiles, ANNOUNCEMENTS, Short-Term Orthodontics, Six-Month Braces | 2 Comments