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Six Month Adult Braces in Charlotte is taking off!

Wow!  That’s about all I can say at the moment with the response we are getting to our WBT radio ad and better positioning on the Internet for Google searches.  Here’s a fun little thing: go to and do a search for “braces charlotte,” and guess what – my website is right there on the first page!  Yeehah!  LOL  And boy can we tell – the number of people calling us almost every day is amazing.  Some days I feel like I’m becoming an orthodontist!

I figure it would be good to highlight a couple cases that we’ve recently started and follow them through so you can actually see the progress.  If you like what you see, Make an Appointment for a Free Consultation today!

Mike’s case

Mike has been a patient for several years, but somehow we had never asked him if he was interested in straightening his teeth.  With our new Six-Month Smiles posters around the office, he decided to ask what it was about and if he was a good candidate.  Turns out, even though he has some pretty crooked top and bottom teeth, he really is a good candidate.  He was NOT interested in a full 2-3 year, comprehensive orthodontic plan – he just wants to feel good about his smile.

A Six-Month Braces case to straighten crooked teeth in Charlotte

A Six-Month Braces case to straighten crooked teeth in Charlotte

Stephanie’s case

Stephanie found us through a Google search even before moving from the Midwest for a job transfer.  She’d been ready to start Six-Month Braces with a dentist there, but with the move she chose to wait until she got here, and we started her braces just a few days after Mike’s.    Her braces should go a bit faster than Mikes, but that can be a bit unpredictable.

Example Patient #2 of Six Month Adult Braces with Dr. Payet in Charlotte NC.

Example Patient #2 of Six Month Adult Braces with Dr. Payet in Charlotte NC.

We just put their brackets on last week, and it will probably be 1-2 months before we see any significant change, so stay tuned to see what happens on…….”As the Teeth Turn.” LOL


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  1. Stephanie’s cae study is very relavant to me, as my daughter has recently gone through something very similar.

    Thanks for the great post


    Comment by Carine Dentist | August 9, 2009 | Reply

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