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So many ways to keep up with Smiles by Payet Dentistry

It’s amazing how interconnected everything is becoming, isn’t it?  I have to admit – I’ve felt a bit on the old side in recent months, as I FINALLY have discovered Facebook, Twitter, Digg,  etc etc etc and started getting connected myself.  My teenage daughter Natalie has had some good laughs as I learn my way around – and here I’d felt pretty Net-savvy!  Anyway, you can now stay in touch with Smiles by Payet Dentistry in a number of ways:

Smiles by Payet Dentistry website; an RSS feed will be available there soon.

Smiles by Payet Dentistry Blog (you’re already here), and we’ll soon be setting up an RSS feed from here, too.

Smiles by Payet Dentistry Channel on YouTube

Smiles by Payet Dentistry on Twitter

Smiles by Payet Dentistry on Facebook – sorry I can’t make that a link, but I can’t figure out how to find the actual Web address if you’re a FB user looking for my page since I’m already logged in…..any tips?

In the near future, you’ll be able to find other videos, articles, posts, etc. on other Web connections, so keep an eye out for them!


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Fun Fun Fun! Single-visit porcelain crowns with CEREC 3D!

OK, I know that most people don’t think that going to the dentist is fun, but it sure can be a lot more interesting than it used to be for sure.  The advent of digital dentistry, particularly CAD/CAM dentistry that allows us to make all-porcelain crowns in just 1 visit, is just pretty darn cool, and that’s even according to my patients who’ve benefited from it.  We brought the CEREC 3D system into our office at the end of December 2007, and in that time we’re approaching our 200th CEREC crown.   In the beginning, I didn’t take many pictures because I was really concentrating on learning how to make the crowns beautiful, fit well, and happen smoothly and quickly.  Now that we’ve become more comfortable with the technology, I’m taking the time to really take quality photos to show off just what we can do, and yesterday just was the perfect opportunity.

This gentleman had these porcelain-to-metal crowns placed about 4-5 years ago, but he is a major grinder and started breaking the porcelain off within a year.  That’s one of the potential problems of adding porcelain on to metal like that.  They obviously needed to be replaced, and he drove all the way from Asheville, NC for us to do this in 1 appointment; since we clearly needed very strong porcelain, we chose EMAX, which has truly remarkable strength.  Take a look and see the results for yourself after the crowns were glazed in our oven:

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